this is hardest on the candidates in the Tyumen region, where for one vacancy claim and 9.4 of the summary. Next is the Ugra (7,5), Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region, shared third place ranking with an index of 5.8, the fourth – Yamal (5,7).

the easiest way to find a job, according to statistics, the inhabitants of the Kurgan region, where one vacancy has a 3.2 active summary.

“In the Tyumen region, the index in April, almost two times above the norm – a comfortable labour market indicator is the ratio of five to six CV for the vacancy, then the applicants do not experience great difficulties finding work, and employers have a decent choice among candidates,” said a HeadHunter in the Urals.

At the same time in different sectors, the picture is different. For example, the hardest thing in the Sverdlovsk region to find work in the arts and entertainment: one vacancy was 11.5 summary. And the lowest competition among the candidates in medicine and pharmacy (one CV for one vacancy), insurance (1,3) and some others.

“Today, for doctors and nurses compete with employers from across the country, many, including, and help with the move. Similarly, with staff and builders, to the holders of these professions in the Sverdlovsk region today the easiest way to find work,” said Anna Osipova, head of the press service.

Experts have prepared some tips that will help in finding employment.

If the demand for the specialty fell, it is possible to change the profile. At least for a while. “Think about what specialty you would quickly retrain. Look at adjacent areas that the turbulence is not affected, for example, grocery trade, online services and the IT-sphere”, – analysts say.

If the work is needed urgently, is to seek proposals for professions with “quick login” – couriers (a very popular specialty now), sellers in retail, warehouse workers, taxi drivers.

“Revise the search strategy if competition in the industry has grown, it will have to double or triple the time and effort spent on job search” – sums up the experts.