In Voronezh locksmiths saved had fallen into a deep trench with water husky

Locksmiths Voronezh Vodokanal saved fell into a three-meter pit dog. Siberian husky named Utah fell into a deep trench with water at the treatment facilities.

it All happened on March 5 at the territory of the right Bank sewage treatment facilities when the owners walked Utah in a vacant lot nearby. This was reported today by the press service of RVK-Voronezh. The dog got off his leash and ran away. Laika fell into an open trench depth of about three meters, filled with wastewater, but to get out of the pit could not own.

“First we built a sloping platform of boards, but a scared dog does not decide to go to him. So we made two rope loops and pulled the dog in this way. She squealed with joy, as if thanking us,” remember locksmiths Roman Gorobtsov and Igor Perov.

Soon came a host huskies, who were looking for a pet throughout the County. Saved Utah was scared, but otherwise felt fine. As report “News of Voronezh”, it was transferred to the owner. The hostess thanked the locksmith for his courage and determination.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”