In Vladivostok from long voyage back rescue tug “Photios Krylov”, reports a press-service VVO on Pacific fleet.

as part of the expedition that worked on Board the tug, was the experiment to dive to the bottom of the Mariana trench Autonomous underwater vehicle “Vityaz-D”.

may 8, in 22 hours 34 minutes Moscow time, the sensors recorded depth 10028 meters. On the bottom of the basin delivered to pennant, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. “The knight” became the world’s first fully Autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle, has attained the deepest point of the ocean.

the duration of the campaign “Photios Krylov” was 29 days, during which time the vessel covered more than 5,200 nautical miles.

In honor of the return of the expedition at the pier in the area of Korabelnaya embankment took the overall construction crews connection of the ships of the Pacific fleet, the crew of the tug and experts, providing a record dive.