In Venezuela again there are disruptions in the supply of electricity

In Venezuela again the mass of an irregular supply of electricity. Plunged into the darkness of the capital city Caracas and eight States in the country. Authorities have not yet commented on the situation.

this happened in Venezuela in March last year (the reason for the sabotage at the country’s largest hydroelectric power station); some days criminals have looted hundreds of shops, and the authorities responded to the robbery with a long delay. Has stopped working underground, without light there the airport of Caracas (flights were canceled, the air conditioning didn’t work) became irregular with mobile phones in the de-energized hospitals died more than a dozen children.

Then President Nicolas Maduro has accused of sabotage and power outage USA. According to him, only Washington has such technology that can shut down the whole country. The state Department rejected the accusations.

Meanwhile, two days ago, the US imposed sanctions against the largest Venezuelan airline Conviasa, adding in the black list of 40 of its aircraft. Getting physical and legal entities to the sanctions list means freezing their assets in the United States and a ban for U.S. citizens or companies to do business with them, reports TASS.