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the newspaper “Vedomosti” changing owner – buyers were the publisher Konstantin Zyatkov and managing Director of Arbat Capital Alexei Golubovich, who are somehow connected with the Russian authorities.

Zyatkov the last 11 years working on the Patriotic field. He is the CEO of the holding “Version” and editor of the weekly newspaper “Our version” and the eponymous website. These publications support the Kremlin’s policy and oppose the opposition, reminiscent of the “Echo of Moscow”. All the authors of the newspaper “Our version” – patriots of Russia, was recognized Zyatkov in an interview.

Another buyer Alexei Golubovich at the time was a top Manager of the YUKOS oil company, but the process in the second case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky acted as a witness for the prosecution. First, the testimony of Golubovic was rather strengthened the defense, but after just a day he already changed them to the opposite, more favorable charges. One of the former shareholders of Yukos, a former partner of Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin in his Twitter spoke negatively about the transition “Statements” under the wing of the Golubovich, calling him “an agent of the FSB”. Nevzlin hoped that the journalists will look for a new job: “it’s Hard, but better than to get your hands dirty”. In his opinion, the change of the owner of the authoritative business publication actually means its end.

But the new owners of the publication to assure that the policy of the newspaper “Vedomosti” will not change.

on the Eve of the message on sale of the newspaper appeared on the website “Vedomosti”. “Demyan Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Voronov, Martin Pompadour previously agreed to sell 100% of shares of JSC “BNM” that publishes the newspaper “Vedomosti” and the magazine Harvard Business Review”, – to speakfounded in the message.

Kudryavtsev and its partners sell everything related to BNM’s assets and debt obligations. The deal, details of which were not disclosed, must be closed within one to two months. However, since March 18, according to Kudryavtseva, began the transition of the assets under the control of new owners.

As stated Zyatkov, he was “satisfied” editorial policy “Statements”, “values” publication is not going to “sit in the chair of chief editor”. He noted that “would like to keep the top management and the editorial Board.” Golubovich also said that he has no plans to change the editorial policy of the newspaper.

the New owners of the newspaper in the near future to meet with the chief editor of “Vedomosti” by Ilya Bulavinov, who headed the publication in March 2017, when the post went Tatyana Lysova. Note that Bulavinov work contract expires at the end of April. He declined to say whether he will continue working with new owners if it is made a proposal.