In Ust-Labinsk energy put family pensioners debt for 120 years

several residents of Ust-Labinsk got huge electricity bills. Where are these sums, and if you can forgive the debts or to count — I figured out our correspondent.

a pensioner Vladimir Timusheva had a stroke, after he received an invoice for electricity in the seven figures. The employees of NESK explained that the landlady had not entered all the digits with the scoreboard electricity — instead of the six, five numbers, and so since 2004. Hence the debt for the sum more than 3 million rubles.

Andrey Shulga, the lawyer decided to investigate: “a Little simple math — average electricity pensioners Timusheva pay now about a thousand rubles a month. Even if we accept that they burn twice as much electricity — for two thousand rubles a month. For the year accumulates 24-25 thousand. For 10 years, out of 250 thousand rubles. A million over 40 years. Three million rubles — for 120 years.”

Turns out, according to GTRK “Kuban”, the amount of the payment in such consumption of electricity would not be coming up for 15, as counted energy, and is approximately 135 years. The case twice reached the court, and both times the family Timoshevich won. However, the coming third trial.

the decision of the court waiting and Tatyana Bestuzheva, where the energy of the counted duty of 272 thousand rubles, because of alleged faulty meter.

Tatyana Bestuzheva, a local resident says: “Made in our apartment expertise, and showed that the failure occurred either during the disassembly, or improper transportation of the device. Were coerced by plastic relay that kept the counting mechanism”.

And family Kochmas debt at 53 thousand rubles by the decision of the court has already forgiven. Old counter nedobity supposedly seal for 2 years as it was replaced by the new, but until now, the family pays for electricity according to the norm, and not for the actually consumed kilowatts.

Elena Kuchma, a local resident, says: “We installed a counter for your account. Wrote two statements that it took into account. But there are no shifts. Statements were written more than a year ago.”

In turn, Director of the Ust-Labinsk branch of the company has assured that decisions, which would benefit them not made will be fulfilled. And the debts — either reclaimed or decommissioned, and no consequences for subscribers.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”