In US hospitals brought masks and gloves from a sex shop

In American hospitals brought medical supplies from the range of a sex shop. Thousands of medical masks, face shields and gloves agencies Los Angeles are donated to the local company SexToyDistributing, writes Vice.

“There are a lot of fetishes, for medical issues, they need gloves, equipment for the care of patients, thermometers. Some of this is now in great demand, we are happy to help,” — said General Director of the XR, the parent company SexToyDistributing, Ari Suss.

According to him, the gloves were in stock, and masks, and shields put foreign factory of the company.

“Our long-standing relationships in the medical field allow us to gain access to the PPE, which is now so popular and so hard to find. Before we could not imagine how valuable are these connections,” said the Manager of the store Brand by the Reynoso.

Earlier it became known that the British sex shop donated medical clothes hospital. It was also reported that the world’s biggest porn site Pornhub has launched a free premium access to their content to all comers. Thus, the service called on all people of the world to stay at home.