the U.S. Government intends to modernize the national strategic stock of medical supplies, which almost has not been replenished since 2009. This was stated by the representative of the Washington administration during a telephone media briefing.

According to him, modernization will be made based on the experience obtained during the pandemic coronavirus. He said that in the strategic reserve were only about 28% of what the US really needed to treat infected COVID-19. “Stocks of masks were exhausted. We have depleted the reserves: much of what remained, was not made in America,” TASS quoted the official.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump made a statement that after the modernization of the strategic reserve his country is “fully prepared for future outbreaks”. It is planned, for example, to buy a billion medical N95 respirators. Within 90 days you will create a reserve needed to combat the pandemic. According to the American leader, inventory has dried up when he took office. However, he did not explain why over the years has not decided to replenish them.