In the “United Russia” called to improve the system of remuneration of health workers. The party has also stated the need to develop a Federal standard of safety for all physicians.

on Wednesday, the “United Russia” in the format of a videoconference to discuss the preparation of proposals in the national plan for economic recovery. The entire party received more than 300 ideas and initiatives to solve these problems, said the Secretary of the General Council Andrei Turchak. Among them are a range of initiatives aimed at supporting physicians.

“we Need to develop Federal safety standard work of physicians at all levels. It has to do with management decisions, routing of patients, measures to prevent infectious outbreaks in hospitals,” said Turchak.

He also stated the necessity of adopting a unified approach to the establishment of salaries of doctors, payments of compensatory and stimulating character, their share in the structure of wages. Another proposed measures support the provision of housing for medical workers under contracts of social hiring and office with further privatization.

in addition, the “United Russia” proposed to accelerate the adoption of the draft law on biological safety of the Russian Federation and to create an operational and updated supply of drugs, medical devices and equipment.

“it is Important to prevent deficiency of the ventilator, medicines, disinfectants, masks, gowns, gloves and other personal protection equipment and legislation to provide the “diversion” of drugs from one institution, and even in other region” – said Turchak.