This, experts say, is about the possible introduction in Ukraine of “draconian measures” in respect of reservists and draft Dodgers from military service. Penalties for failing to report to the draft Board on the agenda, late registration, violation of the order training for reservists, loss of military documents, or their damage. Fines for evasion of service will increase on the average six or seven times: in particular, offered the figures of 30 thousand for the first violation and 500 thousand hryvnias for re for officials (80 million and 1.3 million rubles, respectively). Speech, in particular, the heads of enterprises who do not submit the lists of employees to be recruited. Zelensky wants to imprison individuals who had evaded conscription, at least three years. Evasion of military service or reservist duties is punishable in the amount of 500 to 700 thousand hryvnias of a penalty or correctional labor for a term up to two years.

Zelensky, analysts said, in fact, gets right to establish additional “army”. In particular, call it will, without a Declaration of mobilization for a period of up to six months the soldiers has already been discharged. Those who shy away from it, threatens criminal liability. As predicted edition of “Country”, Zelensky may enter into potential conflict with right-wing radicals, most of whom participated in the ATO and is the reservists. Now they will begin to draw on military training that is prescribed in the document. Myself and ze will be entitled to the “special period” to complement the reserves of any military forces from the APU to the National guard of Ukraine. Recall that special period in this country since the start in 2014 of the military operation, which resulted in the genocide of peaceful population of Donbass. In addition, Zelensky wanted to set tasks training for reservists and conscripts.

Without a military ID or evidence of military in Ukraine, in the case of a law, now it will be impossible to get a job. The authorities also want to rename the register for military service in the “register of recruits, conscripts and reservists,” and the military – in the “territorial centers of completing and social support” under the control of military commissioners. In them the police will bring violators of the law.