In Ukraine, the pediatrician faces trial for Russian language

In Ukraine, a scandal erupted due to the fact that the doctor spoke with the patient, not the Russian language, the STB. The incident occurred in the town of Vyshneve, Kyiv region. A local resident Anastasia Nutsa brought my daughter to a local hospital for an examination. The pediatrician held a reception in the Russian language, which was enraged by the Ukrainian. After her repeated requests to speak Ukrainian doctor translated a few of his phrases in the Ukrainian language, but mostly speak Russian.

the Indignant parent called the hotline of the Ministry of health of Ukraine and complained to the pediatrician. The Deputy Director of the medical facility to a claim, the patient said that the doctor interviewed. However, he noted that mechanisms to retrain a pediatrician with 36 years ‘ experience into the Ukrainian language does not exist.

Nutsa decided not to let the situation slide, and appealed to the hospital management with an official letter, and stated its readiness to file a lawsuit in court. She also told reporters that for a long time trying to wean your family members to talk to, as she put it, “in the language of the foreign state.” In the outpatient card of the child recorded that the mother refuses to serve rasskazano doctor.Nutza also told reporters that does not mention his year-old daughter “the Russian name Dasha”, preferring the Ukrainian version Darcy or Darusya.

the law of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, which provides for the exclusive use of the Ukrainian language in almost all spheres of life. The new law often causes domestic conflicts. For example, a dentist from Kiev Iryna Kozak, Cedic said that he would not treat Russian-speaking patients while they will not go to the Ukrainian writer Larysa Nicoll scandal due to conductors, who spoke in Russian, and former MP Irina fahrion called for violence against Russian-speaking Ukrainians. In the summer of 2018 Lieutenant Colonel of the border of the country broke his jaw in Mariupol café after he demanded a menu in the national language, and in November of last year the former mayor of Slavyansk caused a scene in a karaoke bar because of the songs of Oleg Gazmanov.