In Ukraine the highest death rate from COVID-19, but less than all tests

it is Unlikely that this figure can be today to discuss seriously, or considered final, it shows only the lack of a real picture of the disease in this country. On this point, and the service Our world in data, Podbelskogo official world statistics on the number of tests on COVID-19 as of March 18. Less such studies conducted in Ukraine is only 500, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of health. In China, such studies have been performed more than 320 thousand, in Italy, about 150 thousand and 116 thousand in Russia.

Photo: Jane Barlow/WPA Pool/Getty Images who: the Number infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 209 thousand people

the idea that the claimed medical official figures do not reflect the real scale of the disease, induce the population and the media authorities ‘ ongoing anti-epidemic measures: with such a small number of cases of the disease they have identified inappropriate threat of extraordinary and emergency nature. Some measures, such as the closure of the subways and the cancellation of commuter trains, his crudity only aggravate the situation: many doctors in Kiev, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk simply can’t get to work, to fight the coronavirus in Ukraine. In turn, the masses returning home from EU countries, and primarily from Italy, Ukrainian labor migrants we are talking about millions of people – paves the way for the saddest expectations and forecasts.

Yesterday, in an attempt to bring to the Ukrainians the need for quarantine measures, the State emergency service has released on street cars with rescuers, who through a megaphone will callAMB Ukrainians not to go outside without needing to wear masks, good hygiene not to let old people into the street.