The Network has ridiculed the Ukrainian book "Simple Constitution" for the mention in it of the Sumerians.

Previously, the Office of the President of Ukraine said in Facebook about the release of this book to the children was the opportunity in an accessible way from an early age to know about their civil rights.

The phrase "the Sumerians, go to a state I created," placed on one of the pages of the publication, has caused a mixed reaction in the comments under the post office, Vladimir Zelensky.


"Which means "the Sumerians, go to a state I created?"" – asked the user Alexei Orlov.

"What are you doing? You have to head all right?" – said Vladimir Grigorievich.

"did not understand a Bit what it is about. How to explain the connection of this phrase with the Constitution of Ukraine?" puzzled Victoria Degtyarev.

"a fierce thrash. How to unsee?" wrote Lilumi Odi.

"In available form for the President? As a continuation of the book "Policy for beginners", which Zelensky gave Arsenal Book" – syroniziroval Renata Syomkina.

Ukraine has repeatedly sounded questionable statements about the country’s history. So, according to the theory of the Ukrainian singer Ruslana, the roots of her compatriots back to the ancient civilization of the Sumerians, who inhabited southern Mesopotamia in the second Millennium BC.