Ukraine had celebrated the Day of memory and reconciliation on may 8, established in accordance with the decree of then-President Peter Poroshenko, and, in fact, the Victory Day. May 8, in the Republic, with the exception of minor incidents in Kyiv was calm. 9th without conflicts has not been. “Hottest” city was Kiev.

In the Ukraine in recent years, traditionally arranged by the lush commemorative events at the burial places of veterans of the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia – MK), former members of the Waffen SS division “Galicia”, active members of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (banned in Russia – MK). Rituals, including the ceremonial reburial of the remains of these Ukrainians are held with the assistance of the Honorary guard units of the APU, the regular military orchestras of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

President Vladimir Zelensky, from which on 8 may was waiting for the inherent “historical surprises”, honored the memory of victims of the Second World far from Kiev, but close to the border of Ukraine and Russia.

during the Cretaceous the Luhansk region (where local people are accustomed simply to walk in the Rostov region, passing the frontier of both the Slavic States) Zelensky and his accompanying army generals laid flowers to the Eternal Flame. On jackets, army jackets each of the new arrivals were attached red poppies. Recall that the grandfather of the current President – Simon Zelensky was a mortar platoon commander, and valiantly fought the enemy under the command of Zhukov was awarded two orders of red star. Therefore on 9 may, the President of Ukraine – important day.

at five In the morning of may 9, he laid flowers to the Eternal Flame, and after three hours presidential the An-24 has landed in the mountain airport of Uzhgorod. The voyage lasted only four hours. During this time, the President of Ukraine laid flowers at the war memorial, had been on the road bridge across the Tisza river (Ukraine and in common Vengriyu) and introduced the Transcarpathians with the newly invented project “four bells.” First established at Lugansk, it will be called “the Bell of Memory” (because in those places began the expulsion of the Germans from the territory of the Ukrainian SSR). The second is the “Victory Bell” – as in Transcarpathia, near the place where in the West in 1944, ran the last uninvited guests.

But two other bells – until the problem. The idea Zelensky, “Bell of Peace” and “Unity Bell” will appear in Donetsk and Simferopol, but later. When “will cease to exist DNR and the Crimea back to the Ukraine, four bells will ring at the same time, announcing a landmark event in the modern history of Ukraine.”

the Absence of the President in Kiev tried to fully take advantage of members of extremist youth organizations-14. Mo��tchiki has long nurtured the hope to throw off the pedestal installed in Mariinsky Park bronze figure of General of the army Nikolai Vatutin, who led the liberation of Kiev from the Nazis. The extremists held at the burial site of General Vatutin a rally with a demand to demolish the monument. Say, a petition on the website of the city Council received the required number of votes, and now for the dismantling of the monument need only the signature of the mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

a Cold shower for the Ukrainian revanchists was published on 8 may interview the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas. The policies clearly and unambiguously stated: the Second World war single-handedly started Germany. Its attack on Poland was not in conformity with the Soviet Union, as was suggested on January 28 2020 with Vladimir Zelensky in the course of the commemorative events in the Polish Auschwitz.

Judging by the above statements Zelensky, something like this can ripen in the minds of present-day Ukrainian Pro-presidential ideology. As the authorities of Ukraine under the pretext of “pandemic quarantine” strictly banned public events in each locality and in particular in the field of military graves, citizens of the Republic, do not take seriously the “official” date on may 8, organized for collective passages to the Eternal Flame. Those who have a car, had a brief rally in honor of Victory Day.

In Kiev, it is autoerotica was held with the participation of a group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Opposition platform For life.” Starting from downtown, policy retrovitamin went up the street and past the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine (whose employees came out to give moral support “rebellious” Ukrainians) went to the Park of Glory, near closed to quarantine Pechersk Lavra.

this is Where the big problems were from Odessa and Zaporozhye motorists. Activists of Pro-Ukrainian organizations “cooperate” with the Odessa police, more than an hour were not allowed to pull away the cavalcade of cars lined up at the Seaport. After intense negotiations and a withdrawal from some machines battle flags connections of the Soviet Army, the liberation of the hero city from the German and Romanian occupiers, the car still started out at intervals of 5 minutes each.

At the monument to the Unknown Sailor, as usual in this spring holiday, happened minor skirmishes with the nationalists. Mainly because of the individual wearing middle-aged citizens of ribbons.

In Zaporozhye police obviously took the side of anti-Russian activists. Trying to disrupt the traditional citizens March “Immortal regiment”, the cops may 8 at 18 hours appeared suddenly with searches in the office of the Zaporozhye organization “InBOS Victory”, along with “prosherstit” all parked in the office car. The leader of the public organization Andrei Ivanov militiamen tried to “close” a couple of days – the denunciation of the “concerned citizens”. Those referred to Ivanov allegedly posted to Facebook “calls for the production and dissemination of Communist, Nazi symbols” and “propaganda of the Communist and national socialist totalitarian regimes.” Long searches resulted in nothing. Ivanov was released. But the column of the rally, the police periodically stopped, demanding to remove the flags because of the alleged prohibited by the law of symbolism.

let me Remind you: red flags of military units and formations of the Soviet Army who fought against Hitler, are not considered “elements of propaganda of the Communist and national socialist totalitarian regimes”, it is easy to see from the text of the relevant law of Ukraine. Despite this obvious fact, the Zaporozhye police and is not thought to detain a citizen with his face covered, ran out into the roadway, tore the red flag and svernuvshis him to the ground. Other “patriots” also began to run outside with the intention to damage the car allegedly with Donetsk numbers. Police and national guardsmen, not without difficulty, pushed them to the sidewalk, allowing Pro-Russian activists to overcome the “dangerous phase”.