the Ukrainian Ministry of health suddenly “discovered” products in the territory eight biological laboratories created by the money and under the auspices of the U.S. Department of defense. As follows from the official response of the Ministry of local edition “Ukrainian news”, are stored in laboratories of especially dangerous pathogens and toxins, which can be used in the creation of biological weapons. Earlier official Kiev has always denied the existence on the territory of Ukraine structures of the United States, declaring all publications on this subject, “the Kremlin fakes”.

we will Remind, earlier the representative of the political Council of the “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk appealed to the government of Ukraine with the requirement to provide information relating to the work in Ukraine 15 military biological laboratories of the United States. On activity created by the Pentagon laboratories in an exclusive interview with “MK” said the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov. According to him, he learned about them in 2010, after the election victory of Yanukovych’s team. The intention to close these laboratories allegedly became for the Americans a decisive factor in the decision to dismiss Yanukovich from power. However, the official representatives of the Kiev authorities always denied the presence in Ukraine of any American laboratories. In particular, on may 8, the SBU said that in Ukraine are not foreign biological laboratory, and those that are modernized with American money, allegedly cavity being local Ministry of health.

Similar comments more than once come from the official authorities about similar facilities in Georgia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. Just Ukrainian biological laboratory work in the same clever way as in other former Soviet republics. They do not formally belong to the United States. But in reality operate under the complete control of Americans. With American funding. This is achieved through a system of grants, internships in United States for local scientists, the direct involvement of American scientists in research. For US there is nothing in these laboratories no secrets – everything is open. But for the local specialist to state secret can even be the results of the research in which he participates.

How it works helps to understand the response of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. As follows from this document, associated with the Pentagon Agency to reduce threats (DTRA) operated in Ukraine through its contractor – American company Blаск & Vеаtсh Sресiаl Prоjесts sogr. Between 2005 and 2014 in Ukraine was carried out “involvement Program in a special biological activity” DTRA, under which technical assistance was provided for the “laboratories of Ukraine, which had been previously built or modernized with the assistance of the Agency.” Interestingly, prior to 1998, DTRA had a different name – Angoracuriosity special weapons of defense, which only emphasized his purely “peaceful.”

All were built or upgraded eight laboratories in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Transcarpathian, Lviv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Ternopil regions and the Crimea. All this was done allegedly to prevent “the proliferation of technology, pathogens and expertise” that could be used to develop biological weapons. Such pathogens and technologies are alleged in the Institute of epidemiology and hygiene (Lviv), the Ukrainian research anti-plague Institute in Odessa at other sites. The program was resumed in 2016 in the framework of the Memorandum signed by the Ministry of European integration of Ukraine and the company Blаск & Vеаtсh Sресiаl Prоjесts sogr. Program funding in 2016-2019 made up 1.28 million dollars. The document contains the commitment of the Ukrainian side for easy access to objects to representatives Blаск & Vеаtсh Sресiаl Prоjесts sagr.

the Value of this response from the Ministry that for the first time it’s confirmed at the official level, published documents, the names of firms, numbers of contracts. In this regard, the party “Opposition platform For life” was sent to the UN the complaint against the illegal functioning of the bacteriological laboratories of the USA on the territory of the country. This was stated by the Deputy opsi Renat Kuzmin. “What else but the betrayal of national interests, can be explained by the concealment of the Ukrainian authorities information about secret experiments conducted in the Ukraine military biologists of the United States?”- the Deputy asks a rhetorical question.