In Ugra large families will pay 35 thousand rubles

Recall that the right to Ugra family capital occurs in the family, which from 1 January 2020 born or adopted third or subsequent child. This year the amount of the Ugra family capital increased to 150 thousand rubles.

the Decision of the government of Ugra to expand the areas of use of the Ugra family capital due to the fact that now, during the pandemic, these funds can be much more important than investment in housing, education or medical care. That is, the purposes for which it was possible to direct the parent capital initially.

the Decision to pay 35 thousand of means of matkapital was taken today, April 24, during the regular Cabinet meeting that was chaired by the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova.

As noted by the Director of the regional Department of social development Teresa Ponomarev, the provision of additional social support of large families in the current difficult conditions, it is the duty of the authorities of the region.

– I Hope it will help families with children through a period of pandemic, summarized Teresa Ponomarev.

As emphasized by the regional authorities, the money can be spent at their discretion.


Every newborn baby in Ugra since this year multicard receives total nominal value of 20 thousand rubles. This gift will be awarded up to 2028.