the Department of health has allocated funds for purchase of medicines for the prevention of the disease in contact persons from epitacio COVID-19, – said Natalia Komarova.

the Decision on the allocation of funding for prevention is very important and timely. According to Rospotrebnadzor, today in Ugra was already more than 11 thousand cases with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19. 75 people were killed.

– the compulsory isolation of citizens extended to July 12. Given the parameters of the epidemiological situation, removed restrictions on the entry and exit of residents of the three territories of the Surgut district – Lantara, Fedorovsky, Sochi, – said the Governor of Ugra.

still in shift mode will continue to run stationary organizations of social services in the region. Natalia Komarova instructed the Department of social development district to oversee the appointment and payment of co-payments for special working conditions.

Another decision that was made during a meeting of the operational headquarters for control over the observance of all necessary measures in the “buffer” zones for shift workers. We are talking primarily about Nefteyugansk, where periodically there are outbreaks of coronavirus in industrial enterprises.

the Decision of the operational headquarters of Yugra, Nefteyugansk will set up a special working group on the prevention of introduction and spread COVID-19, which will help the municipality to localize apalachi.

As the Director of the district destava Alexey Dobrovolsky, in Nefteyugansk there was a serious congestion of hospitals along with Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut and Khanty-Mansiisk.

For weeks, the workload of hospitals in the district remains at 2200 occupied beds, – stated Alexey Dobrovolsky. Construction of 110 patients with suspected coronavirus infection and diagnosed, connected to the ventilator 79 people, 50 the diagnosis was confirmed. While we have maintained a stock of 200 of the ventilator.

today in the social structure of all reported laboratory-confirmed cases COVID-19 the proportion is 41 %, employees – 11 %, pensioners and health workers – 9 %.

the Special vigilance of the representatives of Rospotrebnadzor causes an increase in the number of affected children. Today, this category of Ugra 10% of all cases.

– the Proportion of children is high, and now she’s more than at the beginning of the pandemic, – said the head of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor Maia Solovieva. Now the spread of coronavirus infections occur mainly in family homes. On the other hand, reduced the proportion of those whose contact was not established negative 11.6 %, earlier the rate was more than 50 %.

Note, ��La anti-pandemic employees of the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Ugra spent 41 epidemiological investigation, one unscheduled inspection, agreed with the Prosecutor’s office, two administrative investigations

law Enforcement authorities filed 97 cases of administrative offence, by results of which consideration declared 36 warnings, fines in the amount of 742 300 rubles, suspended the activities of two objects.