that such a document is necessary, that the region began to develop a fundamentally new, “creative” level repeatedly said the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. As a result, the draft law of the Department of economic development has developed on the personal instructions of the head region.

– Its adoption is due to the urgent need for more efficient, faster to solve tasks on creation of favorable conditions for creativity of Ugrian people, implementing new ideas, creating intellectual property, which is one of the most important strategic resource of development of economy, culture, science, education and other spheres of socio-economic activities, – said the head of the region.

the Law will regulate relations in the field of creative activities. Already defined forms of state support such industries, tasks and powers of authorities.

the Representative of initiative group on creation in Khanty-Mansiysk art residence Alexander Parkhomenko noted that the joint work of the creative community and the County Department of economic development allowed to include in the draft law all the most important wishes of Ugrian people.

– a Proactive group involved in the development from December 2019. During this time, managed to obtain the feedback from experts at the Federal level and representatives of creative professions. We tried to consider the experience of other countries in the development of creative industries. Our region is one of the first regions of Russia takes the creative industries in the legislative field, so we can not only follow the trends but to shape them, – summed up Olexander Parkhomenko.

the Document has supported the members of the government and forwarded for consideration to the deputies of Yugra.

Recall, about a month ago, the government of Ugra, Resultants and Fund Innoculum signed a cooperation agreement. The goal is to actively develop the creative industries in the region, to support creative initiatives of young people and to replicate the most ambitious, bright and productive ideas in other regions of the country.

Authorities of Ugra consciously decided to move away from monopropellant, knowing that the main capital around the world bring first of all the idea – investing in people, not oil and gas reserves. Economy of knowledge defines the development of the most successful countries in the world, and Russia lag behind not permissible.

– last year we began work on updating the development strategy of the district, – told “RG” the head of Ugra Natalia Komarova. – During its update, has formed a new strategic task – the development of knowledge economy.

today in Ugra in the sphere of creative industries employs over 3.5 thousand enterprises. Most of them are engaged in the sphere of IT-technologies, marketing, ��of clamy and design. Moreover, as noted in the district, interaction with Resultscentral will allow the district to create the necessary legal basis for the expeditious implementation of the most significant initiatives to implement the advanced ideas not only in Yugra, but also in other regions.

our teamwork will allow us to develop the creative economy in the regions in a more systematic, creating jobs for talented youth, strengthening youth policy, including in terms of establishing the legal framework, – said the Director of Resultante Marina Abramova.

she reminded that in the legislation there is not even the concept of “creative industries”.

having signed a cooperation agreement, the Ugra, Resultants and Fund Inoculum in this direction were pioneers in Russia.