Recall: this project is the Ministry of construction of Russia recognized the best along with 132 works on improvement of the 49 different areas of the country, made in the register of practices which are recommended to be replicated in other regions of Russia. The exhibition features nine sculptures inspired by religious figures of the indigenous peoples of the North.

during his working visit to Surgut district, the head of Ugra Natalia Komarova visited the art Park “Ethogram” and met with its organic continuation of the project for the development of the play space “Iontech”. It is a unique object for concept, design, execution and consolidation of resources from different sources. The Park is the realization of this childhood dream. Thus generates a truly relaxing, safe and meaningful urban environment.

today, landscaped grounds, created a two-meter art objects, depicting characters from legends of the Khanty, an indigenous people of North.

– Guys here are already studying the history and culture, – said the head of the Agency innovative solutions in the field of socio-cultural activities of “Environment development” Elena Horeva. – In total, the project will be presented in five locations, where children learn by playing. Street science Park, where the guys will pass the stripe test, to experiment, to play musical instruments. Park available to all residents of the village.

Fully space game “Iontach” it is planned to put into operation in September.

In the realization of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” in Yugra will appear now and new object improvement in Nefteyugansk. They were chosen by the citizens themselves during the rating voting.

So, about school No. 9 a Park with playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment and a mini-station to study the rules of the road. In addition, it will have a rotunda and cast iron figure of Pinocchio. They have already made the Yekaterinburg sculptors.

the skate Park will be installed a number of shapes, including grind – and manual-boxes, radius and others. There are a total of 14 elements. Note, the new Playground will be used for competitions in extreme sports.

In one of the districts of the city within the framework of the national project created a memorial and cultural and recreational areas. Here are made new flowerbeds, there is a replacement of paving, lighting fixtures.

Note that for projects in Nefteyugansk aimed almost 45 million roubles, including at the expense of the regional budget – 23,26 million rubles. Objects will be put into operation no later than September 10.

the Improvement in the framework of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” today is carried out almost throughout the region.

So, in the urban settlement Tai��om the Soviet district public men took a comfortable alley vacation street Kurchenko. There are small architectural forms, entrance arch and railings. In the alley – art-object “photo zone”, stand with memorable photos from the life of the village, benches and urns.

in addition, the restored monument stewardess of “Aeroflot” Nadezhda Kurchenko, heroically dead in hijacking in the 1970-ies. The stele was established in Soviet time at the initiative of local pioneers.