In Tyumen will announce the best improvement projects in small cities

– the project Level is very high, professional – assessed following the consideration of participants ‘ projects Deputy Prime Minister. – And most importantly, there is a growing interest of regions to the competition, it is felt that they are ready to fight for the victory.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Mishustin instructed to prepare a programme for the development of lagging regions

Competition is good, according to Khusnullin, the fact that the great part of the Russians. After all, it can take part people of all cities with a population of 100 thousand people, and we have in the country, 86 percent. And all of them also want to live in a beautifully furnished living areas, walk and drive on good roads, to relax in a beautiful and convenient destinations. But budgets, as you know, in these cities small. That suggested the country’s President Vladimir Putin at the first such forum of small towns and historic settlements, which in 2018 was held in Kolomna, a competition of the best projects which will help the state. But only those projects that do not need individual officials, and all citizens. So they decide that they are more important at the moment – updated Central square or city Park, where on a warm evening will flock to walk the entire city.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/RG

the Initiative has fallen, that is, on fertile land. Now not only the capital can be proud of a pedestrian embankments of the Moscow river, but the town of Verkhnyaya Tura in Sverdlovsk region has a coast of its Tours. Kids and sports town, lots of greenery and lights, and the main decoration and pride, of course, in the city of gunsmiths – guns, which were cast here historically. New look and old suburban Zaraysk, like many other cities have already realized the projects that the Federal budget will allocate 5 billion rubles. These funds are divided among 80 winners.

Photo: iStock the Ministry of construction as the regions where the most expensive housing

Nominations in the competition four. In the first, which includes the historical settlement, this year’s 10 winners, each will receive 445 million rubles for their project. In the group of cities with population from 50 to 100 thousand inhabitants 14 winners and they will receive 90 million rubles. In the third group of cities with a population of 20 thousand to 50 thousand 31 winner – they will be 70 million. And in the category of towns up to 20 thousand inhabitants 25 winners will receive 45 million rubles.

Important innovation for the winners is that the issue of financing of projects will be submitted to the meeting of the Russian government on behalf of the Marat Husnullin next week and they will get the money quickly. “This means that in the spring they will be able to begin work on their projects”, – said Deputy Prime Minister. So, from the previous problem, when the money came only at the end of the year, the current winners will be delivered. And that this does not happen and, in principle, solved the results of the contest to bring the now to 1 September and 1 January to Finance the projects of the winners.