In two districts of TRANS-Baikal declared fire season

not Far from the resort cook in the Chita region to extinguish forest fire. About it the correspondent GTRK “Chita” from the place of incident. The fire started on an area of 250 hectares. New details in the final issue of “News”.

Staff Zabaikalskogo the second day of fighting fires on the border of the Chita and Uletovsky districts. Reportedly, it is in these two areas already declared fire season. According to the acting Deputy Chairman of the Krai government Andrei Gurulev, it was found that in several localities are ill-prepared to spring fires.

At today’s press conference there was information in what districts there are problems. In the South the whole steppe to Zabaikalsk still in the snow, so that there is fire there is no fear. Chita, Uletovsky and part of the Karymsky areas have already started to burn. There managed to catch the arsonists. Now authorities want at the legislative level to toughen penalties for arson. For example, for the first time — a fine of 30 thousand rubles, the second — criminal case.

by the Way, in the Chita region arsonists caught on video, now all the documentary evidence of the offences submitted to the bodies of internal Affairs, said Andrey Gurulev.

Business of the Commission check now all the districts of the region. Special attention, according to guruleva, should be paid to the settlement Mogzon. The situation is very unfavorable. The village is littered with dry rubbish, overgrown with grass, so the fire risk is very high. Next week there will arrive inspectors.

On the territory of Transbaikalia according to the latest data recorded for ten forest fires with an area of about 600 hectares. Two have already managed to localize. Firefighters in a hurry, because tomorrow, under forecasts of weather forecasters, in the region strong wind is expected.