Not only in the Central and Eastern regions of Turkey is expected to increase coronavirus infection, what eve warned local authorities.

the Head of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Fahrettin koca wrote on Twitter that “for the first time in a long time” – obviously, after the opening of borders to foreign tourists from several countries – committed “serious increase in the number of patients” with COVID-19.

From this we can conclude that we are talking about resorts, but where exactly confirmed COVID, not reported. According to the statistics of Dr. koji, who is known for the fact that in March, advised the Turkish youth not to leave home and to read Leo Tolstoy, according to August 4 in the country were identified 1083 new cases of infection, 18 cases died, 994 – recovered.

Earlier, as he wrote, “RG”, the Minister acknowledged that the peak incidence in Istanbul and Izmir, the two largest seaports – has passed, however, the wave of the epidemic went to the East.