In the Catherine Park in Tsarskoye Selo from the pedestal dumped the bust of the XVIII century. The sculpture received significant damage. The monument dropped the student, his parents will have to reimburse the cost of restoration of sculpture, the press service of the Museum-reserve “Tsarskoye Selo”.

Suffered the monument, known as the “bust of a dying giant”, he was created master of Admom Gastly in 1794, at the foundry of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, the basis was taken the ancient statue. Ordering on bust made personally by Catherine II.

Bust of a dying giant, along with busts of Plato, Homer, Cicero, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Vespasian, Titus installed in the Cameron gallery.

As they say in the Museum-reserve, in the fall of the monument sustained serious damage, in particular, around the circumference of the head there is a horizontal crack.

At the scene promptly arrived the guards. The parents of the student reported that the teen dropped the bust by accident. In fact the incident made the act.

the Museum-reserve concluded that in the past year in the Cameron gallery was already a similar case: a schoolboy, who came in the Catherine Park, along with classmates, dropped the bust of Alcibiades. A sculpture of a Gladiator, located at the pavilion “Grotto” several times vandals have decapitated.