Kucherov For this assist was the second in the match. He Sergachev, their teammate goalkeeper Andrey Vasilevsky after the frame all seven and a half periods, as well as the defender of “Columbus” Olympic champion Pyeongchang 2018 Vladislav Gavrikov never before in his career as much time in a row on the ice was not performed.

in General, the match in Toronto gave obilnaya food thoroughly chewed her masters of hockey statistics. The game was the fourth for the duration of over a hundred-year history of the NHL, opponents needed only 94 seconds clear time for third place in this list. So “Tampa” and “Columbus” beat three periods of 20 minutes in the basic format and slightly more than three and a half periods of overtime before the “gold” washer. The absolute record belongs to the distant 1936, when “Detroit” in the meeting with “Montreal Maruns” soak through in only 176 minutes is a total of nearly nine periods.

If you take the history of world hockey as a whole and the teams ‘ professional level, here at the peak of the total duration of the championship game of the Norwegian season 2016/17 “Storhamar” (Hamar) – “Sparta”(Sarpsborg). They fought 217 minutes, 14 seconds.

Among the major figures of the marathon in Toronto select 85 saves Finnish goalkeeper “Columbus” Jonas Coresolo, 151 throw the gate into two teams, 65 minutes, 6 seconds of pure time on the court with the defender losing Seth Jones. It’s an absolute record, but with one caveat – since the introduction of NHL statistics to the relevant categories. After all, a hundred years ago believed, not all indicators that are in sight now.

– what Happened to us – is unrealistic, said hot on the heels of the defender “Zenith”, the world championship 2017 in the Sweden national team Victor Hedman. – I am especially delighted with the goalkeepers on both sides. If the field players change, these guys are obliged never to lose concentration. Imagine what it was like for them to play almost seven hours in a row.

the Directorate of the NHL for obvious reasons had to cancel the second match of the day in Toronto between “Carolina” and “Boston.” This pair of Eastern conference. In the West, in Edmonton, Canada “calgary” defeated “Dallas” 3:2, “Vegas” took care of “Chicago” – 4:1.