Tomsk scientists develop a mathematical model of the electromagnetic catapult. It will help to make more rapid acceleration of the aircraft in short of the runway.

As a throwing weapon catapult known since ancient times. It was used in order to disperse the stone or the arrow to a high speed, thereby providing the required range.

– the Main source of energy is the potential energy of the elastic element, similar to the spring, – says associate Professor of applied gas dynamics and burning FTF TSU Victor Solonenko. And to increase this energy, increasing the range of throwing or ground stone, possible only by increasing the size of the device.

According to scientists, today it is possible to create catapults with an electric energy source.

– the Source of energy in our device is a pulse magnetohydrodynamic generator operating on combustion products of solid metallic plasma-forming fuel, – said Victor Solonenko.

Electric catapult can be used to disperse the aircraft in terms of short runways, for example on aircraft carriers. Currently this function is performed by a steam catapult.