The Super League without the foreigners? A soup of the League would be without salt! Especially in the case of the Bernese Young Boys the Non-Swiss for the seasoning.

Guillaume Hoarau (France, 13 goals), Jean-Pierre Name (Cameroon, 10 goals), Mirarelem Sulejmani (Serbia, 7 goals), Roger Assalé (ivory coast, 7 goals), Nicolas Ngamaleu (Cameroon, 7 goals), Ali Camara (Guinea, 2 goals) and Sekou Sanogos (ivory coast, 1 goal) have scored 47 of the 67 goals this season, the Bernese. “Only” 18 hits at the expense of Swiss, two hits were counted as own goals.

Would only count goals from Swiss, YB would be the only to in the table in fourth place. 20 (!) Points behind FC Basel. With Ajeti (11 goals), Zuffi (6), Bua (3), Okafor (3), Free (3), Campo (2), as well as Stocker, Widmer and Cömer (1) equal to nine Swiss scorers, the “greetings for-always-red-Blue-concept” of the FCB leadership.

On the last place of the Switzerland-table: The Grasshoppers. Only five hits were made by Locals. Twenty points in front of the Hoppers of the second descent candidate, Xamax. Among other things, also because of the new Burger Raphael Nuzzolo has twelve goals to his account.