Divya Higelin and Yannis Piette have been installed for twenty minutes at a wooden table in the Nest, a bar, a games room in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Each turn, they put on fine stems, green, blue, and orange in the branches corrugated metal. Their hands are hesitant, tremulous, a few inches of the structure. Do anything to drop, under penalty of losing. The two friends play a game of address Suspend.

In the face of a small boy just to break the silence of the Nest. He is impatient, tap your foot, and cry, ” Go, Mamiiiiiie, we are going ! “. The duo remains impassive. To their right, two thirty-somethings are seeing a large treasure map, head in hands, the bust advanced on the table.

Yannis Piette introduced a red piece, the structure oscillates and eventually collapses without crashing. “Oh no… Bon ben voilà, you’ve won,” says the young man, laughing. Divya Higelin rises in the wake. She chooses a new box : Santorini. The duo has the habit of coming to the Nest. “I come once a week. The game library is great. No matter what our tastes, our desires, there is the game that fits us, ” says this young illustrator of video games, keeping an eye on his new set, which are arranged figurines blue and white, in reference to the Greek island.

“niche Games”

The Nest is one of the bars with board games the most well-known of Paris. He has seen the light of day in 2014 with the idea of being in a place where you can drink and play in a good atmosphere. “The flats are small in Paris, it is still better in this large space of games with a pint of beer on the table,” smiled Antoine Chasseloup, an employee of the Nest for the past four years.

The place is a cave of Ali Baba of the game of society. Yet, beautiful you search, return to the boxes in all directions, no trace of the eternal Cluedo or 1 000 terminals. “We want to…