Amazing Uefa ban: The Eintracht Frankfurt team wanted to present the Euro League Cup to the guests of a huge techno party in their own stadium. But Uefa has forbidden it.

200,000 guests came. The presentation of the Euro-League-Cup should be the highlight of the music party at the “World Club Dome” in the stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt. Around 200,000 music fans traveled to the Whitsun festival. But Uefa finally banned the team from showing the trophy on stage, reports “Bild”.

Organizers and fans angry: The European Football Association justified its ban: The party was not a football-friendly environment – ​​and there were conflicts with the advertising partners. For example, Uefa is sponsored by another type of beer, the “World Club Dome.” Eintrach President Peter Fischer and the fans were pissed off.

Just one flag: Fischer was beside himself: “Incredible! These are our spectators here in Frankfurt, and then we are not allowed to present the trophy in our own stadium,” he says in the “Bild”. The only thing left for the president to do was wave a big Eintracht flag on the stage instead.

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