In the Yaroslavl region of the coronavirus was diagnosed in two residents

In the Yaroslavl region of the coronavirus identified from a single resident. According to representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, the new cases returned from Europe. The man was immediately sent in insulated box before the diagnosis, reported by state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”.

His wife, too isolated, however, both the repeated analysis negative. It also turned out that the woman works in the pediatric ward of the Central hospital of Yaroslavl. In order to prevent decided to temporarily suspend the work of the Department, reported in the operational headquarters for the fight against the virus. Under the supervision of physicians all hospital patients who were there after the return of the medic from abroad, and their parents. Law enforcement will assess the actions of the doctor, specified in the official statement of the operational headquarters.

the Epidemiological situation in the region was discussed today at a meeting headed by the Governor Dmitri Mironov. Now in region two officially registered case of coronavirus infection. Two samples are questionable. Just for the last day screening for the virus were 373 people.

the First diseased remains in the Yaroslavl hospital of infectious diseases. As told the chief infectious diseases specialist of the Yaroslavl region Irina Starostin, the woman in satisfactory condition. After the results of a control analysis will decide when she can go to the home mode.

Text: state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”