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the competition will include eight grandmasters: Fabiano Caruana (USA, rating 2842), Ding Liren (China, 2805), Alexander Grischuk (2777), Ian nepomniatchi (both – Russia, 2774), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France, 2767), Anish Giri (Netherlands, 2763), Wang Hao (China, 2762), Kirill Alekseenko (Russia, 2698). From 17 March to 3 April they will play two rounds. The winner will get the right to fight for the crown from the reigning world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen.

Vachier-Lagrave will replace Radjabov chess candidates tournament in Russia

Control of time in bouts: 100 minutes for first 40 moves + 50 minutes for next 20 moves + 15 minutes till the end of party with addition of 30 seconds after each move starting from the first. The total prize Fund of the tournament is half a million euros.

the Official kickoff of the 16th of March, this day will be the Grand opening. Theoretically, 4 APR possible tie-break for the apportionment of seats among parties with the same number of points, but according to the regulations take into account many additional variables, so surely all will end this April 3, – said the head of the International chess Federation (FIDE), Arkady Dvorkovich. – The organizers had everything ready, they have done their job at the highest level, in the current difficult situation follow all the recommendations of the world health organization measures health security. All the risks the organizers of the tournament from the FIDE minimized.

the Winner will receive the medal of gold of the highest standard. If you do not intervene to force majeure, the match for the crown will be held in December-January, Dubai (UAE) in the framework of the world exhibition.

goryachkina leads in the FIDE Grand Prix in Lausanne

– As a former participant of the tournament and matches for the title, I will say that the players in Yekaterinburg will be just perfect conditions, the best for all time of carrying out such competitions, – shared his impressions the repeated world champion Anatoly Karpov. Players will live in the best hotel of the city, there will also be equiadovan game room, all very comfortable. I am sure that if there are somebody problems, they will be associated only with his own game.

Anatoly Karpov shared his opinion about the chances of success of the three Russian contenders: “Even the theory of probability we have a very good chance. I think that Alexander Grischuk before they were higher. At some moment when he could claim the title of world champion, to do other things. But then I came back and entered the number of applicants. The young Kirill Alekseenko, who received a special invitation of the organizers, a career is not so long. But Ian Nepomniachtchi is an experienced player who has victories at major international competitions. But the rivals of our members very serious.”

In Primorye ended the match for the world women’s chess crown

tournament Director albert Stepanyan presented a comprehensive picture of the information security battle of the contenders: “the Internet live broadcasts of the matches will be commented in three languages. In addition to Russian and English for the first time in the history of China, played by ex-world champion HOU Yifan. There is a special website of the tournament, a lot of information chess fans will be able to find in the most popular social networks.”

Kirill Alekseenko is one of the most rapidly progressing players in the world. “Wild card” of the organizers, he received thanks to his successful performance in the tournament in the Isle of man.

– If, for example, last year, I said that already in 2020, not in a couple years, I have become a participant of the tournament, would not have believed, confessed Alekseenko. – I will try to justify the confidence of the organizers and to play better. I wouldn’t exactly be pleased with some individual victories, even over reputable opponents. Because only first place gives right to play against Magnus Carlsen. I adjust myself to the utmost.