In the world was around two thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus

the world health organization has registered for the day 1922 new case of infection with the coronavirus worldwide, 1792 of China.

Only 90 870 confirmed cases of infection, of which 80 304 is with China, others 10 566 — to other countries. According to the organization, died of infection 2946 people in China and 166 worldwide.

the Outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus, the disease was recorded in late December, 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Outside of China most people infected in South Korea, Iran and Italy, reports TASS.

As noted earlier, the who, the spread of the virus is reduced. In addition, the development is now 20 types of vaccines.

“the Important difference COVID-19 from seasonal flu is that this virus is new and no one in the world no immunity to it, — said the Director General of the who, Tedros Adan Hebraeus. — Overall in the world during that time died of 3.4% of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19. For comparison, seasonal influenza on average kills less than 1% of infected people”.

against the background of problems in the global economy due to the coronavirus Federal reserve system of the USA from half a percent lowers key rate, ruble immediately began to grow expensive and the oil. Responded positively and the Russian stock indexes.