the Authorities of some countries are thinking about creating special conditions for the admission of tourists into its territory after the pandemic coronavirus. This writes NBC News.

we are Talking about so-called “tourist corridor” or “tourist bubbles” that will allow visitors from countries with a low prevalence of the disease is free to travel the world without having to go through a two week quarantine.

it is Noted that, for example, the Baltic countries opened up to each other border on this principle — their citizens are the self-isolation upon arrival. While for tourists from other countries restrictions remain in effect.

a Similar initiative also proposed in the UK — the Minister of transport Grant Shapps called this “air bridge,” and Greece, where stated willingness to accept, without quarantine of citizens of the Balkan countries, Baltic countries, Germany, Israel and Cyprus with the possible selective testing COVID-19.

14 may, the European Commission published a guide for restoring tourism in Europe this summer after a pandemic coronavirus. According to the plan to open for tourists, States should gradually and in a coordinated manner to launch free movement and to remove internal border controls in the first place, between countries with a similar epidemiological situation.