In the UK, France and the United States, doctors found a rare inflammatory syndrome in children. The main symptoms – fever, abdominal pain, heart problems. Experts do not exclude that this new syndrome is associated with the coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that representatives of the national health system (NHS) of great Britain has written to doctors in the country warning about the growth of hospital admissions of children in the intensive care unit. In young patients diagnosed multimodalities state.

Now the radio station France Info quoted the head of the Ministry of health of France, Olivier Veran, which is referring to the Paris doctors said about 15 children who have symptoms of high temperature, digestive problems and General cardiovascular inflammatory syndrome. French doctors, as well as the British, saying that these complications are fairly rare. It was also found that some of these children, as well as in Britain, are carriers of the coronavirus.

Veran said that treats the incident very seriously, and asks the scientific community, in France and in the world, get as much information as possible and find out whether there is a relationship between this syndrome and coronavirus.

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