Companies worldwide are reviewing their work, drawing conclusions on the basis of activities in the context of a pandemic coronavirus. This is stated in the study “Navigator: Business after quarantine. To restore the” company HSBC, which is in the possession “of the”.

Almost half (47 percent) of survey participants admitted that they could better prepare for the challenges of the global spread of the virus. The pandemic has forced many to realize the uselessness of offices: 29 percent of respondents plan in the future to see the part taken by their organizations of space.

As for graphics work, the majority (69 per cent) employers trust, that soon a flexible schedule will become the norm, two-thirds (61 percent) believe that working together online over the next two years will become the norm. Also slightly more than a third of respondents (34%) think about reducing the number of far travel. The survey was conducted among more than 2,600 representatives of companies from 14 countries.

The specialists of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs came to the conclusion that every tenth has chosen to continue to work from home. It was found that the higher the salary, the more chances you have to get approval from management.