pain, A dripping nose, a scratchy throat, or unpleasant in the limbs – these symptoms sneak up on many, as soon as the cold Season comes closer. A flu is not to underestimate. According to the Federal office for health (BAG) takes the flu each year, to 112’000 275’000 and doctor consultations. The symptoms such as fever, fatigue, head and body to show pain much more pronounced than in the case of a common cold. Especially for the elderly and people with weakened immune system the virus can be dangerous.

Whether or not you undergo influenza vaccination, it is up to you. From the BAG she is, however, recommended.

With this health of water strengthening the immune system

Who wants to strengthen his defenses properly before the cold season starts so right, can do that with a self-mixed drink. The health of water consists of different natural ingredients and delivers the most important nutrients.

you will need:1Ingwer1Zitrone fresh rose hips fresh Minze1Apfel1Zimtstange1 pinch of Cayenne Pfeffer1 TLHonig

And this is how it works:

to boil the water until it is hot.In the meantime, you can cut the ginger, the lemon and the Apple in thin slices.Once the water is hot, pour over the prepared ingredients in order. All leave for something.In the meantime, fresh mint, and add the Cinnamon stick and rose hips.Then with the Cinnamon stick, the Cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey for the certain amount of spiciness to worry about.

a Healthy this Mix is supposed to be, because the important ingredients are mixed together. That ginger, mint and lemon are a true miracle cure, is no longer a secret. They are there to help during a cold, and quickly relieve. The active ingredients of the rosehip and the curative potential amplified in addition. And the fruits provide Vitamin A, B, C, and E, as well as a lot of Magnesium, iron and calcium. All of this in combination ensures that our immune system is strengthened. In addition, our cells are protected from Radicals, and we can absorb iron better.