In the UK has increased dramatically the number of incidents, when stating that is infected with a coronavirus, the citizens spit in the patrol police. But in the United States such behavior may entail accusations of terrorism.

According to the official representatives of the British authorities, frequent spitting on the police reflect a nationwide increase in the number of attacks on emergency services personnel during the isolation mode.

Spitting qualified British laws as an attack on a police officer on duty, informs Bi-bi-si.

Only the police of the Thames valley for the period from March to April recorded 198 assaults on police officers, 58 of which were associated with a deliberate cough on law enforcement officers, spitting or biting.

“Spit, cough, or bite the officer’s or employee’s emergency services – is despicable at any time, but in the current situation with the coronavirus that causes even more regrettable,” said the chief police constable of the Thames valley John Campbell.

the Growth of such incidents by 14% in April-may (compared to last year) in England and Wales resulted in the issuance of more than 300 sentences. The crown prosecution service said that acts quickly to prosecute those responsible for such offences.

the Suspects spat at police, claiming that infected COVID-19. The police have the opportunity to take tests for coronavirus, however, the subconscious expectation of the spit has now become a daily reality of their work, told bi-Bi-si police.

because of the attacks with the help of saliva, the British cops have to be very careful, doing patrols.

a policeman from Nottinghamshire, Anthony Bryce and his colleague spat the man they detained in Worksop.

Later tests at Anatone Bryce were negative for the COVID-19, but according to a policeman spat upon, while waiting for the results, and he and his family were incredibly worried.

Anthony Brice says he was not surprised by the growth of attacks on police officers due to many people frustration because of the isolation mode: “Normally the entire burden falls on us, people don’t like being told what to do.”

Spit in the squad the 32-year-old Daniel Hegarty for the attack was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison. His victim, officer Bryce was “pleasantly surprised” by the result – in the past he had been a victim of such attacks, but they have not been imprisoned attackers.

On the other side of the Atlantic to attacks of this kind on the cops are even tougher.

the Florida man who spat and coughed on a police officer and stated that he has COVID-19, was charged at the Federal level in terror��me.

the 31-year-old James Jamal Curry, for the allegation of use of biological weapons, could face up to five years in prison.

Police arrived on March 27 after receiving the signal about domestic violence during detention rowdy said that infected by coronavirus spat several times at the police officer. Bloody saliva, reportedly came inside the mouth of an officer – this time the offender laughed and said he is spreading the virus. However, after testing the brawler was obtained a negative result on COVID-19.