Hollywood Directors and producers began to explore the main theme of 2020.One of the first popular films dedicated to the pandemic coronavirus and its implications, will be the film “Songbird” directed by Adam Mason and producers Michael Bay and Adam Goodman. The plot revolves around a new strain of coronavirus COVID-23. Supposedly we already know the virus has mutated continuously, and humanity remained in quarantine for four years. All the situations of this world catastrophe is shown through the love story of young guy and girl who are forced to overcome the difficulties of martial law and human cruelty, to be together again. The shooting of “Songbird” started on 8 July in Los Angeles and ended in less than a month. Role in the film played by KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, Alexandra Daddario and demi Moore. The script was written by Adam Mason in collaboration with Simon Boyce. Recently appeared on YouTube the first trailer of the film, which caused a mixed public reaction. It is expected that the movie will be released in 2021.