In the Voronezh region woman with suspected coronavirus was taken off the train

In the Voronezh region 53-year-old passenger was taken off a train from Moscow to Volgograd to check for coronavirus infection. As it became known, together with her husband she lives in Holland, and before her husband came to visit in Belgium son, who fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome. About it report “News of Voronezh” with reference to own source.

At the station in the town of Borisoglebsk, the passenger went to the doctors complaining of sore throat and asked for admission. She was sent to the infectious Department of the district hospital. The results of the tests will be known on March 17. In the same car with the patient driving 37 people. Details of the incident “News of Voronezh” specify the health Department.

Note that currently, in Voronezh there are no recorded cases of infection COVID-19. Eight people are undergoing inpatient treatment in hospitals, testing them for infection. In the neighboring regions — Belgorod and Lipetsk already documented cases of infection. In Kursk and Lipetsk region in connection with the threat of the spread of the virus entered the mode of increased readiness.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”