in addition, according to him, in the Volga region was suppressed the activity of 48 conspiratorial cells associated with international terrorist organizations, eliminated seven terrorists, including two leaders, were brought to criminal responsibility 32 of the organizer of terrorist activities, 102 of 178 bandits and their accomplices. Naftogaz emphasized that these conditions are becoming increasingly important activities aimed at the prevention of terrorism, which is conducted by the regional Executive authorities with the coordination of the antiterrorist commissions.

Bortnikov also drew the participants ‘ attention on rigorous implementation of measures envisaged by the Comprehensive plan of counteraction to ideology of terrorism in Russia.

As the head of the FSB, the main task is the reliable protection of a district’s population, especially young people, from exposure to the ideology of terrorism, prevent a relapse in her terrorist activities. Equally important, he said, are the prevention of terrorist manifestations in the migration environment, the prevention of recruitment of international terrorist organizations among migrant workers.

As reported by correspondent “RG” in the information center of the NAC, the special attention during the meeting was paid to the issues of antiterrorist security of objects of education, including providing physical and technical protection before the next school year.

At the meeting it was stressed that the chairmen of the antiterrorist commissions must take personal control timely and quality execution of these tasks, to take additional measures to eliminate terrorist threats and prevent terrorist acts on the territory of the Volga Federal district.