The effectiveness of any vaccine against coronavirus unlikely to reach 100%, so a sufficient indicator can be considered as 75%, according to the main infectious diseases, USA Anthony Fauci on CNN.

“I seriously doubt that any vaccine can provide 100% protection. Our best result yet – the measles, from which the efficiency was 97-98%. It would be wonderful if we could achieve this, but I don’t think we can. I would settle for efficiency at 70-75%, since that would be enough to achieve the level of immunity”, – RIA “news” words Fauci.

She also noted that achieving herd immunity in the United States can prevent massive failure of the population to vaccinate.

“As you know, among some people in this country is unscientific, antiprivivochnaya mood. Among the alarmingly large percentage of the population”, – said the infectious disease.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the first and second group of volunteers involved in testing a vaccine against coronavirus, conducted by the Ministry of defense in collaboration with the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, feel good. The subjects told about their feelings after vaccination.

Clinical trials of the vaccine on a group of 18 volunteers began June 18 in the Burdenko hospital. Five days later they were joined by the second group. The experiment is scheduled to be completed by the end of July.