In the US told about the headache of a lost Russian nuclear submarine

naval forces (Navy) of the United States are unable to monitor Russian nuclear submarine (SSN) K-560 “Severodvinsk” project 885 “Ash”, writes The National Interest.

In the journal discussing what happened in 2018, when the Russian submarine, stranded in the Atlantic ocean, was on a few weeks lost the us military.

the Reason for this is stealth design K-560 “Severodvinsk”, involving, in particular, the use of low steel. “In peacetime, the loss of the Russian submarine — a headache. During the conflict to lose track of the submarine is deadly”, — says the publication.

In March, the former commander of the submarine “Alexander Nevsky” project 955 “Borey” captain 1st rank Vasily Tankovid stated that the U.S. Navy in 2015, failed to detect Russian submarine during its transition from the Northern fleet to the Pacific along the Northern sea route. In the same month, in response to this, the captain of the 3rd rank Maxim Klimov noted that “Alexander Nevsky” in its malosolenoj inferior to similar to American submarines, and conversations to the contrary are lies.