More than 200 employees of the US film industry have called for an end to the use of real weapons on the set after the death of cameraman Galina Hutchins. This is reported by Deadline.

The collective appeal included 214 representatives of Hollywood, who demanded to ban all types of real firearms on film sets. The authors of the open letter stressed that they no longer intend to put themselves and other team members in mortal danger when props or visual effects can be used instead of real weapons.

Colleagues of the late cinematographer said that Hutchins’ death should not be in vain, so they called for action by the authorities and union leaders to make the necessary changes to the production process as soon as possible.

“We swear that we will consciously no longer participate in projects where real, working firearms are used on the set. (…) We will not sit back and wait for the industry to change. We are obliged to change it ourselves,” the open letter says.

On October 22, it became known that during the filming of the western “Rust”, American actor Alec Baldwin fired a pistol that was supposed to be loaded with blanks. As a result, the cameraman Galina Hutchins was killed, and the director of the film Joel Sousa was also injured. Currently, the police are continuing to find out all the details of what happened.