Almost a decade of military action and international sanctions brought the fourth-generation fighters MiG-29 and other aircraft the Syrian Arab air force (SAWS) in poor condition, writes The Drive.

the American edition drew attention to the videos posted on 5-6 may, the Ministry of defense of Syria. “Frames with unusually high resolution gives the opportunity to look at how these aircraft after many years of conflict and sanctions, and, it is safe to say that they look pretty beat up”, — the newspaper writes.

The Drive also notes that presented in the video of a Syrian MiG-29 looks pretty bad to be considered as a manifestation of national pride. “The aircraft, which is the main object of attention in all three videos there is a clear scratch on the nose and a huge scrape on the left side of the fuselage under the cockpit,” — says the publication.

the Publication, describing the state of the MiG-29, has doubts about the ability of SAWS to conduct proper maintenance and exploitation of the data of fighters and other aircraft.

in February In The National Interest wrote that, although the MiG-29 was the first Soviet light fighter of the fourth generation, his numerous failures in a variety of conflicts have shaped the plane “a terrible reputation”.