The American authorities are aware of the causes of the recent 20-day public absence of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, reports channel ABC News. The Secretary of state of the US administration Mike Pompeo hinted that the disappearance of the Chairman of the state Council of Korea was not accidental.

The politician said that Kim Jong-UN has disappeared from the sight of the media for a long time. This time, however, the logic of the act of the leader of the DPRK remains a mystery to us authorities. While Pompeo made it clear to reporters that he knows for what purpose were gone, Kim Jong-UN, but talking about it can not. He also did not comment on the rumors that North Korean leader disappeared in connection with the coronavirus infection or other health problems.

“Regardless of what is happening our goal remains the same — to persuade North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons”, – concluded Pompeo.

Kim Jong-UN, as reported by “the Rambler”, ceased to appear in public since April 11. In the media appeared information that the politician could die. At the end of the month, the North Korean leader made an appeal to the builders of the tourist area in the province of Wonsan on the radio. May 2 was published a video in which Kim Jong UN participates in the opening ceremony of the plant for the production of fertilizers.