In the United States will hold large-scale testing of potential vaccines against coronavirus. About it reports Reuters.

the Experiment will allow to reduce 10 years of development and testing of a vaccine to months. To achieve this, leading producers of vaccines, agreed to share the data and allow competitors to use the results of their clinical trials if their drug fails, scientists say.

All products that admit safe, tested 20-30 thousand people. Beginning of large-scale tests scheduled for July. According to the Director, National institutes of health Francis Collins, the studies can have from 100 to 150 thousand people.

In Russia, the first results of clinical trials of a vaccine against the coronavirus in humans, pojavjatsja early July. They will indicate that the selected scholars strategy was correct or wrong.

in addition, NRC Professor of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei Anatoly Alstein talked about informal test of an experimental vaccine on volunteers. It turned out that it gives neutralizing antibodies.

According to recent reports, the world infected more than five million people. 338 142 thousand died. In the US, became ill on 1 600 723 people died, more than 95 thousand.