a Russian fighter jet of the 4++ generation MiG-35 starts to look like a dead duck, writes The Drive.

the American edition notes that the MiG-35 is based on MiG-29 first took to the air 43 years ago, and has not purchased the Ministry of defence. The Drive writes that the Russian military instead of replacing aging fighters of the MiG-35 often prefer to rearm the su-30CM.

the Publication recognizes that received significant compared to the MiG-29, possible the MiG-35 remains a capable fighter, which Russia is looking for foreign buyers. Nevertheless, the prospects for large-scale purchases of the plane of Air and space forces of Russia in The Drive called “Ghost”, especially in the background of the beginning of serial production of the su-57.

in February In the journal the National Interest, stated that the MiG-35 is positioned by the Corporation “MiG” as a generation 4++ fighter due to the fact that the manufacturer “wants to present it not the next upgrade, and a huge technical leap over the MiG-29”.