In the United States launched the election campaign

In the U.S. state of Iowa has opened a meeting of voters of the Caucus by both parties.

For Democrats the Caucus first, they will allow you to select the favorites of the election campaign. The Democrats claim the nomination of 11 candidates, including former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, ex-mayor of the city of South bend Pete Buttidzhich, entrepreneurs Tom Steyer and Andrew young. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg in the Iowa campaign is not conducted.

the Republicans Have a President Donald trump has the support of the party, serious rivals had not, so the victory of the incumbent President of the United States in Iowa is considered a foregone conclusion, according to RIA Novosti.

a Caucus – meeting of party activists, they differ from primaries in that are a not secret vote by ballot, and head to an open vote.

Winning the Caucus in Iowa does not guarantee to any participant of the election campaign that he would be the candidate for President from his party, but since 2000, every winner of the Caucus Democrats in Iowa as a result, became the candidate of the party.

Traditionally, before the election in the United States held primaries and the Caucus States, which identifies the most popular contenders for the title of a single candidate from the party. The first primaries will be held on February 11 in new Hampshire. According to the results of primaries and Caucus meetings will be held national party conventions, which will elect unified candidates from a particular party.

the United States presidential Election will be held in November 2020, reminds TASS.