American scientists from the George Washington University has developed an extremely compact device that allows you to immediately identify the human presence COVID-19.

according to MedicalXpress, this miniature device can be compared to a strand of hair with a gold coating. When interacting with molecules of different substances, the device gives a visual signal of different colors, and artificial intelligence on the basis of these data can reveal contained in the patient’s blood coronavirus.

the Researchers even managed to calibrate the device so that it can distinguish a viral infection from antibodies which are present in human blood after an illness. It is also reported that the surface of the device is covered with a special reagent that reacts to the coronavirus. Once detected, the device changes the color of the indicator. For dough processing will take little time.

“This is a device by which a specialist in the field of health could conduct testing in the field in place of medical care. They are extremely fast, and you are testing right there and not send your sample in a large laboratory with a huge loss of time. This would immediately identify who to quarantine, and to start contact tracing,” say the creators of the device.

According to them, this technique will allow you to build a database of the infection in real time and upload directly to cloud storage.

Scientists, however, recognize the need to find answers to some questions to start the device into production, but they are already encouraged by the opportunities.