the Former national security Advisor of the administration of former President Barack Obama, Susan rice said that Russia could be involved in protests and unrest in the country, occurring now after the death of the African-American George Floyd during police detention. About it informs television channel Fox News.

the Adviser noted that the shares be attended by peaceful demonstrators and extremists trying to control the action and “transform them into something completely different.”

According to rice, based on “the Russian playbook” Russia allegedly could incite individual protesters through social networks, and Finance of the incident “somehow, in one form or another”.

Earlier it was reported that the protests at the White house on Sunday began to grow in unrest – protesters pelted police with plastic bottles, the police responded and opened fire with pepper balls, tear substance.

on may 25, police Minneapolis (Minnesota) detained the African American George Floyd. During detention of the militiaman stood with his knee on the man’s neck. I began to cry, gasping, but law enforcement didn’t pay attention to it. In the result of Floyd died in intensive care. This caused mass protests and riots in the United States.