the U.S. state Department explained its SMS-sending Russians with a proposal for remuneration in the amount of $ 10 million. About it writes Reuters with reference to the letter of the representative office.

they explained that the Russians offered to give money for the information about cyberthreats aimed at the upcoming presidential elections. The state Department added that the newsletter “was aimed at raising awareness at the international level” and the campaign ran in multiple languages.

Previously, the state Department explained that the people of Russia has proposed to distribute 10 million dollars, in fact, trying to bribe for information about the Moscow’s intervention in the American elections. The state Department spokesperson said that the SMS was held in the framework of the Rewards for Justice program (the”Rewards for justice”). If message recipients are not sure where they came from, you can contact the program representatives.

August 5, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced the start of the programme. He promised that Washington will pay the amount for information on individuals, interfering in elections. Pompeo mentioned that the program applies to both Russia and other malicious actors.